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Kristen Sperling, M.A.
Educational Consultant

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Since 2015, I have provided support, expertise, and training to local Bay Area school districts on inclusive practices for students with disabilities.  I provide information to districts on the legal mandates, current research, philosophy, and benefits of inclusive education.  I also provide leadership in the development of inclusive practices at individual school sites and direct support with curricular modifications and peer supports in inclusive settings.  
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What are the Benefits of an Educational Consultant?

Provides need-based support, training, and mentoring

Creates more inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities

 Improves learning opportunities and outcomes for students with disabilities

Assists districts with reducing the amount of time and resources spent on compliance.

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"Kristen Sperling is an expert on working with school staff, parents and students bringing inclusive opportunities to a school district. She is knowledgeable both as a previous special education teacher and an administrator. She understands the law and also the individual needs of a student, classroom and school. She was able to develop curriculum, teaching modules, staff in-services, and district support. I enjoyed working with and learning from her."

-Director of Student Services

"Kristen Sperling played an important role in facilitating a successful full inclusion plan for my son with Down Syndrome. Kristen guided the Gen Ed teachers in inclusion strategies specific to my son’s needs and abilities and, in doing so, played a role in the evolution of the school culture to one that embraced my child’s differences and provided him with a sense of true belonging. My son is thriving."

-Parent of a child with a disability

"I have worked with Kristen Sperling for the past two years on modifications for students in high school. She is knowledgeable about what modifications need to be made for students with special needs to access the curriculum independently. She’s very reliable and great to work with!"

- Special Education Teacher

"Kristen Sperling was able to break down the steps to meaningful inclusion for my student into an easy-to-follow plan for our school team. She is knowledgeable, helpful, and supportive of teachers while advocating for genuine inclusion for each student. If you are looking for a partner in increasing the quality of inclusion at your school, I highly recommend Kristen!"

-Director of Student Services
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 KS Consulting provides the leadership and experience to guide districts toward the goal of providing more inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities
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